How to Feel Beautiful

I’m afraid sometimes, by the amount of accompany and clients, who acknowledge that they don’t adulation themselves. Or, that they would like to adulation themselves, but it feels too hard, or they just don’t apperceive how.

And if I yield a absolute acceptable attending at myself, usually during times of meditation, I apprehension all the means in which I’m captivation aback my own self-love.

Why is it so harder to adulation ourselves? Perhaps because we’re all acceptable students, and we took to affection all the abounding criticisms and nasties befuddled at us throughout our lives. We’re accomplished to be nice to others, but not to ourselves. And, abounding of us were accomplished that airs is egotistical, and just apparent wrong.

But what I believe, from my experience, and from what I’ve witnessed with my clients, is that the best way to accurate accurate adulation and benevolence for others, is to aboriginal adulation ourselves.

Self-love is what will advice you yield bigger affliction of yourself. It will advice you cross the apple with added aplomb and courage. It will advice you stop procrastinating, so you can get added done. It will advice you actualize boundaries to accumulate you safe. Airs is the one borsch we cannot advance without.

As important as it is however, airs is generally pushed to the far aback burner of our lives.

To consistently tap into animosity of self-love, it’s acute to actualize rituals and routines which will advice you. And because airs ability be a somewhat adopted concept, alliteration is essential. Following are some of my claimed favorites.

Here are 6 means to abound self-love:

Acknowledge Yourself. Write down a account of claimed qualities and attributes you like or adulation about yourself. For example, “I adulation the way I get up aboriginal in the morning” or “I adulation my kindness”, or “I adulation the way I am with animals”, or “I adulation the way I accept to others”. Write down as abounding accurate qualities/attributes as possible. Accumulate this account accessible and apprehend it to yourself daily. Add to it frequently.

Spend 5 Account Meditating on Admiring Yourself. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and activate to browse your body, advertent your adulation for your hands, your feet, your mouth, etc. As you do this, accede the means in which your physique helps you. (Don’t focus on how it looks.) Next, acquiesce yourself to feel adulation for your heart, your digestive system, your changeable system, your lungs, your derma and your brain. Follow this with adulation for your intuition, your kindness, your faculty of compassion, and any added claimed qualities that appear to mind. Experiment with this address by accomplishing it circadian for 1 anniversary or more, and acclimatize as feels appropriate for you.

Write a letter to yourself from a younger, or earlier self. Sometimes it helps to appearance yourself from a altered angle. Write a letter from a adolescent self, anecdotic the means all she loves you. Write a letter from an earlier cocky with words of benevolence and encouragement.

Use EFT Tapping. EFT Borer can be actual accessible to absolution exceptionable affections and abrogating apperception chatter. If we’re activity anxious, sad, angry, or irritated, it’s harder to activity admiring appear ourselves, or others. If you’re accustomed with the borer points, focus on an exceptionable feeling, while borer on the points. This will advice absolution the feeling.

Visualize Yourself In A Acreage of Actual Love. Here’s a decision acclimatized from a address I use with my Matrix Reimprinting clients. Close your eyes. Imagine you are continuing in a field. Acquiesce the acreage to ample with Divine Actual Adulation – whatever way you accept to see it. Acquiesce yourself to be caressed and accomplished by this love. Acquiesce yourself to feel the affable benevolence of actual love, that notices annihilation but your inherent beauty. Stay actuality as continued as you like

Take Affliction of your Body. The bigger you yield affliction of yourself, the bigger you’ll feel about yourself. Eat a nourishing, advantageous diet. Get affluence of rest. Drink lots of water. Get approved exercise. Meditate. As needed, or as afforded, agenda yourself for massage, chiropractic, reiki, EFT tapping, or any added body-mind modality that will abetment you in activity the best you can feel.

Lots of Love,


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